Urgent Notifications

4.12.20  11:50 am
Message below issued by Town of Hamburg Emergency Services to Hoover Beach:

Good morning, Please take a minute to catch up on preparations and update for the upcoming weather event. If you aren't enrolled in our (TOH) Code Red Community Notification Program, please take the time to enroll now: https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/DOD103CA3610 We (TOH) communicate as much as we can through this means. It is an effective way to reach the most people fast!

The last 2 days I have been communicating with our County and State partners, in addition to Subject Matter Experts in the Weather Service frequently. Supervisor Shaw and I have been in contqact with each other often and we have been communicating with our Department Heads of critical services ahead of the storm. Some residents have reached out directly and expressed concern for their safety, and we have been working to make arrangements for a safe place to evacuate to.
It is looking like this storm will be at least a repeat, and quite possibly worse than the storm on Halloween. All indications are its is looking to be worse.  Updated guidance from the Chief Weather Warn Meteorologist is showing Lake Erie to reach the Halloween Storm readings with higher wave heights, greater storm surge and flooding, with higher winds.  The rise in the lake will begin with the passing of the front, and will crest at 6pm Monday. It is expected that the lake will remain at those levels until approximately 2am Tuesday.

Therefore we will be Implementing a VOLUNTARY Evacuation order for ALL of South Shore and Mid Shore from the Community Center area west to the Creek. That Evcacuation Order will go into effect at 12 Noon Monday and last until rescinded (Expected Tuesday morning). If the storm impacts the rest of your community, we are prepared t change our strategy and evacuate the remainder of the Hoover Beach Community.
In maintaining social distancing and given the COVID situation, we understand  that typical places where you can seek shelter with friends and family members will be unavailable, we have made arrangements with Erie County Emergency Services to provide shelter at a Hotel if you need to . That will be available to check in beginning at Noon Monday.

The hotel is the Fairfield Inn located at 3880 Rensch Rd, Amherst, by the University at Buffalo Campus.  We have been afforded 20 rooms at this facility to utilize. If we need more, we can ask. That is why it is important you let me know if you all be requesting a room. 
This facility is currently under contract with Erie County for the COVID crisis.  This 4 story hotel is under Erie County's control for Cleaning and disinfecting standards which have been set forth from the CDC.  Each room has their own Separate heating/a/c unit and every precaution possible is being taken to ensure the facility is clean and sanitized. 
Anyone evacuated will all be located in the same floor/wing of the hotel, and there will be credentialing for those who will utilize the accommodations. You, unlike others in the facility, will be free to come and go from the facility.
Given these times, cleaning and disinfecting of the hotel rooms has never been greater. With hyper vigilant efforts, the facility has maintained a high standard.  
The facility is split into sections. Examples of people who have been staying there are:
-Erie County employees,
-Medical employees,
-People who have been discharged from the hospital, that are unable to go home as someone in their home or assisted living facility has been quarantined,
-People who have been quarantined, and subsequently cleared out of the COVID Protocol(these people are there if their living arrangements cant get them a separate bathroom and food service).
ALL of the quarantined people (not even sure there are any there now) are locked down in their rooms and not permitted to leave until cleared by Medical Personnel at the conclusion of their quarantine.
Sheriff Deputies are at the site to ensure compliance.

I ahve had lengthy conversations with Erie COunty Emergency Services Commissioner Neverath, who assures me that the facility is safe, clean and capable to accommodate people who need a place to stay due to the storm. We both understand people may be reluctant to evacuate there, but the facility is on top of keeping rooms cleaned and sanitized better than ever. 

Please let me know should you have ANY concerns, or if you would like to take advantage of the free hotel room for a night or two. Should you choose to patronize a local hotel, you absolutely can at your expense. 
We are strongly recommending evacuation as we expect this storm to be worse than any we have had yet. We dont want you to be in danger, and we especially dont want to get anyone hurt or killed trying to get you because you waited too long to get out.

Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Its really important you get enrolled in Code Red so we can keep in contact with you. Stay safe and enjoy your Easter the best you can. 
Sean Crotty Town of Hamburg Office of Emergency Services
Emergency Manager
Office 716 648-5111 ext2811
Secondary: 716 648-5111  ext 2500
Cell 716 328-4130
Fax 716 648-4821 

****1/12/20: 6:30am****

The building is open if anyone needs to take shelter. There is power there right now and if we lose power, generator is ready to go.  Midshore and Southshore flooding again. Stay safe and please check on your neighbors. Sean Crotty from Hamburg Emergency Services was here at 4 am and is on his way back here. Vince is out and about if anyone needs anything

We will use this page as a place to communicate urgent notifications for members of Hoover Beach. Please check back frequently for updated documents regarding updates and meetings that need your attention.

See details of the Nov 20 meeting regarding the storm from Supervisor Shaw in the documents below. Please attend and inform your neighbors.

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